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The firm’s office development strategy is tenant-centric, catering to the needs of the residents, companies and employees occupying each building as well as their respective clients, customers, and visitors. Riverside provides a premium occupant experience by selecting transit-oriented urban sites and designing them from the “inside out”, while prioritizing health, safety, efficiency, and technology.


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Health & WellnessDesignTechnologySustainability

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Setting Standards in Wellness and Safety

Our developments go above and beyond in terms of tenant wellbeing and health, offering a range of features and innovations.


Air Quality

Hospital grade filtration systems

Fresh air rates that significantly exceed national codes

Secondary air purification to protect occupants from pathogens

Continuously monitored and measured, with real-time feedback to occupants

Touchless Environment

Automatic building entries

Hands free security

Elevators without buttons

Touchless restroom fixtures

Destination Dispatch Elevators

Groups passengers to minimize stops and NCAA basketball ranking 2024passengers per elevator

Efficiently transports passengers to destination floors during peak arrival time, with wait times under 30 seconds

Enhanced security and control via bluetooth communication of mobile device

Natural Daylight and Outdoor Space

Abundant natural daylight within office space improves occupant sleep, mood, and cognition

Common area and tenant specific outdoor space



Buildings Designed From the Inside Out

Riverside designs its projects around the tenant experience first, and the results speak for themselves.

Lobby Experience

Sense of place

Interaction with public plaza

Public art


Efficient core for optimal space utilization

Through-core toilet rooms

Rectilinear design

Maximize Light and Air

Floor-to-ceiling glass and best-in-market ceiling heights

Column-free corners created by cantilevers

Ideal lease spans which enable daylighting for each office space on a floor


320 South Canal — Union Station

320 South Canal — Union Station


Emphasis on State-of-the-Art Technology

Riverside makes a point of adopting the latest and greatest tech features in all office developments, so the projects can better cater to tenant needs.

Frictionless Access Control

Destination dispatch elevators

Digital credentials via mobile device bluetooth

Integrated access control with elevator systems

Allows no touch access and circulation throughout building


Distributive cellular antenna system providing 5G enabled connection throughout building

Fiber delivered direct to tenant premises

WiFi throughout common areas

Ability to work from anywhere in building

Redundant Infrastructure

Multiple substation feeds with automatic-transfer switch and back-up power

District cooling with redundant feeds


Built Sustainably

Sustainable design improves employee comfort, experience, and productivity while reducing demand on the environment.

Indoor Environment

Maximizes light and air

Utilizes setbacks to maximize view corridors

Energy Efficiency

Conserves resources

Shrinks carbon footprint

Reduces building operating expenses

Location & Transportation

Multi-modal access

Bicycle facilities

Access to public transit


Green roofs

Open space utilization

1900 Lawrence

1900 Lawrence


See Our Philosophy in Action

Visit the portfolio to see how these elements, actions, and implementations have influenced the office developments Riverside has created over the years.